Puppy Training

The first months after you bring your puppy home are essential for building trust and communication. The foundation you build with your puppy lays the groundwork of a polite dog for years to come. I work with you to come up with a structured training plan that addresses common puppy related concerns like potty training, crate time, and introductions to life skills.

Adult Basics

We will work together to train desirable behaviors for a more compatible lifestyle with your dog! This program covers training like loose leash walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, Recall, and impulse control in daily life.

Speciality Training

Want to show off? Impress friends and family? Trick training is a fantastic way to strengthen your connection with your dog while providing excellent mental stimulation! Expect to learn skills like Shake, Play Dead, Spin, Back up, Beg (or Sit Pretty), and so much more!

Day Training

Set you and your dog up for ongoing success with a day training program tailored to your needs. I will work one-on-one with your dog and then transfer over their skills to you at a later session. Requires a consultation or prior training with The Motivated Mutt.